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Cindy Foster. LCSW, ACSW

CindyKracht Foster, LCSW, ACSW has been a licensed clinical psychotherapistand social worker for over 26 years. She has been combining traditionalpsychotherapy along with self-empowering mind/body stress reductiontechniques in employee assistance programs, medical settings andprivate practice, since 1982. She has had the privilege of working withpeople from a wide range of ages, ethnicity, problems and strengths.

Shereceived her social work masters degree from Wayne State University,Detroit, Michigan. She has received hundreds of hours in additionaltraining in clinical work, including hypnotherapy. She has been onnumerous speaker bureaus, conducting trainings and workshops inMichigan, Colorado and Georgia.

Overthe years she has worked in a variety of settings, including communitymental health agencies, private practice, employee assistance programsand inpatient and outpatient programs in medical centers. She served asprogram coordinator at the University of Michigan Medical Center’sPsychiatry and Chemical Dependency Unit. She supervised medicalstudents and medical residents during their clinical rotation in familyand group psychotherapy. She also, established the first adolescentintensive outpatient program at Northern Colorado Medical Center’sFamily Recovery Program for chemically dependent and dually diagnosedadolescents.

She has worked as an employee assistance counselor, trainer and consultant in Michigan, Colorado and Georgia.

Shehas published articles on her clinical work with dual diagnosispatients at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry, alongwith co-authoring a chapter in the book, “Recent Advances inPsychiatric Medicine,” Richard Hall, Editor-in-Chief.

Cindyis currently featured as an adolescent stress reduction expert in thecareer choice section of  Dr. Robert Feldman's latest textbook onadolescent development.  Dr. Robert S. Feldman is a nationallyacclaimed author and University of Massachusetts psychologyprofessor.  He has written several university textbooks onpsychology and youth.  The textbook is entitled, "Adolescence,"Pearson Prentice Hall Publication.

She is a graduate from both the Professional and Advanced Mind/BodyMedicine Training Programs, under the direction of James Gordon, MD(former Chair of the White House Commission on Complimentary MedicinePolicy).

Cindyalso completed an intensive professional training on Mindfulness-BasedStress Reduction, with Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD (Director of the Center forMindfulness In Medicine, Health Care, and Society ), and with SakiSantorelli, PhD (Director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress ReductionProgram, University of Massachusetts Medical School).

Sheis a former member of a Medical College of Georgia’s Advisory Board formedical education on the possibility of incorporating an integrativemedicine program.

Cindybrought the mindfulness stress reduction program to St. JosephHospital's Wellness program in Augusta, Georgia, where she served asDirector of the Stress Reduction Program for 6 years.  She workedwith both patients and staff in lowering stress levels andincorporating effective ways to deal with ongoing stress.  Cindyhas also presented workshops on the "Power of Mindfulness in theWorkplace at Hargrove Leadership Services, where she maintained aclinical practice .  She has presented at the National Associationof Social workers on the "Effectiveness of Mindfulness inPsychotherapy," and conducted an all day workshop on "MaintainingHealth Within the Healer," where participants obtained continuingeducational credits.

Cindy currently has expanded her private practice in Augusta, Georgia..

Uponthe request of clients, Cindy has developed several mindfulmeditations, guided imagery and self-hypnosis audiotapes and CDs tohelp meet the needs of her clients..

Medical centers and corporations have sought her out to conduct retreats on mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Cindymaintains her own daily mindfulness practice, viewing this as animportant aspect of staying well and centered within herself, work, andlife.


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Dr. Robert Fosteris a professor of music at Augusta State University, where he directsthe jazz ensembles, and teaches courses in jazz, as well as appliedlessons on flute and saxophone. He has also taught at the University ofNorthern Colorado, where he completed his Doctor of Arts in MusicTheory and Composition. He holds a Master of Music degree in fluteperformance from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and aBachelor of Music degree in jazz from Oakland University.

Asan accomplished performer on various woodwind instruments, Rob hasperformed with many world renown musicians and entertainers, includingDizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Art Lande, James Newton, Charlie Haden,John Denver, Bob Newhart, Joey Bishop, Mitch Ryder, the Temptations,The Four Tops, The Platters, and Bob Hope.

You may hear samples from his CD “How’s That” at

In addition to progressive jazz, Rob performs and records music of ameditative nature, and has recently added the Shakuhachi (Japanesebamboo flute) to the many wind instruments on which he performs.

Contact: (706) 496-3935